too much good parenting

July 15, 2010

sometimes i think there’s such a thing as too much self-esteem.

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i’d like to take a moment to thank my mom and dad for instilling in me enough insecurity and self-doubt so that this tina turner-mammalian, interpretive dance is so far from reality to me,  i’d sooner tattoo my face rainbow style, than shimmy shimmy in a floatie.

olivia newton-john? that’s a different story.

  • auntie char

    As a first hand observer of your childhood….and also of many, many ENDLESS interpretive dances (that would easily hold up next to that poor Shamu) I don't think you can thank your parents for any lingering self-doubt & insecurities. Believe me, those 2 parents were virtual saints in their support of endless interpretive dances performed by their little Twyla Tharp on crack daughter.
    Perhaps your source of insecurity lies elsewhere…you might check with an older brother. Check his door for any scary masks first!

  • hahaha aunti char. that clip will give me nightmares.

  • I'm @ fear what other things that dude does in that suit. Only you Kate can take something random & impart such wisdom. I would be so horrified to even do such a thing in front of my mirror!!


  • wat happing dis that hat are no wat make you think to do that

  • that carzy lol

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