you make me happy when skies are grey….

July 12, 2010

what’s that?

is that sun i see??

it must be a hallucination.

or all the lsd i had for breakfast.

i’m off to get any snippet i can.

my vitamin d deficiency should soon make me eligible for all local rickets and scurvy studies.

i am working on a MAJOR faux tan this week.

i have to be poolside this weekend, and don’t want to scare the cabana boys with my sowhiteit’sblue skin.

any favorite self-tanners?


  • st. tropez self tanner is amazing (goes on dark so you can see where you're applying), and if you're all about letting the pros do it, ask for Luminess Air Tanning solutions. I use them personally and love love love them.

    have a fabulous time by the pool!


  • Neutrogena of course! xo

  • But seriously, if there are cabana boys involved, I'd splurge on a pro application!

  • Hellooooooooo….I've missed checking in lately….first my computer went on the fritz…and then, ofcourse, it got a virus.

    Oh if I could only self tan…t'would be magnificent, but sadly and for some freaky reason, my body doesn't react appropriately tothe chemicals in the self tanners and I do not achieve the desired orangey glow. Alas…I am ghostly white all year long.


  • it is apparently going to be 105 this weekend…goodbye cool days!

  • I like Loreal's & Bare Bronz by VS (both have bronzers that make your skin shimmer a bit).

  • So love your photos Katie. I wish I had faux tan advice. I have decided to go white and pasty. Just call me Casper with that transparent, ghostly look.
    Here's to continued sunny days for you all.

    Cheers my dear xx

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