that kind of day

August 11, 2010

yesterday i asked the baristas to make all my venti drips with room for ativan.

i watched a student practically bleed out during spin class, and still try to keep time to tempo.

last night i took the chardonnay into the tub with me.

darlings pick me, dance me a gig, sing me a song, tell me your favorite color butterfly.

anything to forget yesterday’s wretchedness.

till then i’m investigating if they have wifi.

{i may need to be blogging somewhere anew}

  • Here is a joke for my Katie.

    What kind of cheese isn't yours?


    Nacho cheese!

  • I like a pink butterfly, with sparkles.

  • I am all for the wine in the tub. I wish I had your bathroom. I live in an old beach house in MB and it's not so glam. Matter of fact. I'm going to go pour myself a glass of wine right now. It's after 5 PM and I deserve it. LOL!

  • Sweet Nothings

    OHHHH meee tooo

  • Calgon, take me away!!

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