wedding duds

August 24, 2010

thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails on yesterday’s wedding wrap-up.

the bride and groom have asked that any photographs of their wedding not be made public; thus yesterday’s post skedaddled.

today was supposed to be a recap of guest fashions; instead you’re stuck with me, hh, and meg-licious.

happy tuesday.

  • What a bummer on the wedding pictures. They were great. I guess you have to respect your friends wishes. You all look fabulous though!

  • Well I am glad I was up and at it early yesterday. The bride was gorgeous!! And you look elegant as well. Thanks for sharing the highly anticipated event.

  • I adore your dress.

  • You look amazing! That dress is soooo crazy cool! And Meg, I'd hate her if she wasn't so sweet and adorable. And HH? Love him. 🙂 So cute, and beautiful, all of you!

  • You are so stunning KO, just asolutly beautiful- not to mention the sweetest person ever. xoxo

  • Sweet Nothings

    you look gorg.

  • You look adorable as always–I think I need to raid my sample line and start dressing way chicer–it's hard though when it's this hot!

    Love the shoes!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Holy Hotness! You guys all look gorg.

  • I love your dress! So gorgeous!

  • That dress is fabulous. You look like a goddess 🙂

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