Entries from September 2010


September 30, 2010

give me empty, unchartered, dark territory any day.

i find the cozy in the unknown.

there’s nothing as throbbing and thorny as a sure-thing thwarted.

i promise to never promise.


a reminder

September 29, 2010

could less ever be so more?


early for acting class

September 28, 2010

i see you. despite your preference for armor.

we don’t shake hands or exchange glances.

you sit. i shift bench, to planter, back next to you on bench.

waiting, we both listen to the boasting and blustering of fellow roosters.

you’re discouraged too.

i wish my sadness looked as pretty on me.

doors open, off to work.

i make silent, secret wish that, someday, you’re the hotdog of our henhouse.


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