hang with me

September 8, 2010

the last few days it’s been dance party usa around here.

{behind closed doors of course…face is still a bit grizzly}

all summer long i’ve been waiting to buy this song on itunes.

it’s here, and the beasts and i are shimmying & hipshaking ourselves silly on repeat.

now if only i could have a giant sock hop with all of you; where, with arms in the air, we’d twirl, giggle, and bounce silly to this happy song.

here’s to finding your inner disco.

  • Perfect day for a post like this! It's the last day of work for me, and I could use a giant sock hop!

  • LOVE the pictures!

  • i LOVE these pics!!! and your pretty pretty dress

  • You look so adorable! I know your skin will probably end up being much more luscious than Heidi's no doubt! And just in time for the weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

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