polished in fall

September 1, 2010

yippee skippy for fall fashion.

i’m saving oodles with my closet already camel copious.

thank you chloe.

i’m loving the fingernail fun out for fall.

typically i like to keep my nails nekid in spring and summer.

but, once the seasons change {in blustery newport beach} these beds get a blanket of lacquer.

so far i’m fancying the following:

lippman in bad romance, dior in black sequins, zoya in cheryl, orly in not rocket science

chanel's khaki rose, khaki brun, and khaki vert

from the soho collection, chanel's strong and steel.

zoya in kelly, priti nyc in prairie blue eyes, and butter in all hail mcqueen

butter is my favorite brand of polish; the wear and the shades. as you saw above they are paying homage to alexander mcqueen this season. here is the full spread: all hail to mcqueen, bumster {inspired by mcqueen’s low trouser seen in his 1996 show}, marrow, & victoriana.

please dears, tell me what you’ll be donning come cooler temps.

  • boots boots and more boots…tall short high heels and lug soles laced up and slip on. Of course I'l be wearing them with shorts and bikinis since the weather is sharing a secretary with Don Draper and just got the memo that summer started

  • I love seeing all of these fab colors and bottles. Curious to see how the khakis will look on real people.

  • Khaki Rose is my fave!

  • love love love Bad Romance by Deborah Lippmann. I ordered it yesterday, along with Dark Side of the Moon. I lust after dark, mysterious colors in the fall and winter months 🙂


  • Ohhhh, it takes a lot to impress me in terms of nail lacquer because I have a ridiculous and embarassing amount sent to me, but you have me drooling over the Dior Vernis and all the McQueen Butter, I've already made mental notes. I'll probably avoid the Chanel Khaki as it sort of screams 'fashion victim', but then aren't we all? Who knew I had so much to say about nail polish!? Finally I am bitten by the fall bug and have a ton of camel I can't wait to wear thanks to my vintage guy and even a pair of wellies in the wings…yay fall! Love love your post Katie!
    xo Mary Jo

  • Yes, I'm ready for some dark nails. Mine are in need of a manny / peddy! Fun colors.

  • I LOVE the Butter polish you gave me! British Racing Green on fingers and toes as I type!


  • im so obsessed with the chanel FNO nail poslishes..like SO obsessed

  • So many lovelies that I would have to paint each nail a different hue. I never paint my fingernails / : but always my toes. Painted fingernails, gardening, & pool cleaning never seem to mix. Note to self; next life to be rich & hire the work out.
    Thanks for the intro to Butter, a newby for me.

    Hugs for a lovely long weekend Katieeeeee xx

  • Need to know…Where can I find "Butter"?


  • I absolutely love Dior black sequins thank you for turning me on to a new fall color!

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