sweeter than sweet

September 16, 2010

there’s arrival.

moments in your life when you aha, let that belly breath out, and even your pinkies grin.

a first kiss, an oscar nomination, a standing, stiff souffle.

and then there’s THE email from karey:

telling me not only that tamara the camera had swung a spot in yesterday’s shoppe window; but my less than nutritious dietary divulgence made truffle girls bulletin as well.

this surpasses giddy gulps of air and smiles un-surpressed.

this is an entirely different bowlful of happy.

i’m binge eating and breaking out into involuntarily head bangs all across the county.  it’s intoxicated anxiety i haven’t seen the likes of since grease came out in dvd.

thank you miss karey. you inspire me daily.

i will wear this grateful dress always.

  • Kate Russell Morelan

    Ms. Katie – your website is fantastic. I enjoy reading from it as much as I can! When is your excercise video coming out?

  • i honestly laughed out loud when i read your photo name. made my mind stop right in its tracks…forget coming up with anything better for the sweeterie!

    that made my day sooooo easy! and you know me…i never really borrow anyone's words!

    not that it means a lot, but i really really loved this t.ruffle. and thank you for playing with us! xoxo.

  • Leave it to you to add the perfect piece of perfection to the Sweeterie!

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