time ticks

September 2, 2010

balls to you september!

just as i was larking it up in all things white linen,

and sopping myself in scents of magnolia sweet;

you swept summer sands away without even a warning bell.

give me just one more cobbler peach, one more night-a-steamy.

pumpkin lattes and socks up the knee can wait a bit longer, no?

i haven’t quite finished my summer sandwich.


  • What a perfect ode to summer. Love it! 🙂

  • I didn't know that wordpress was going to do that to violate my smiley face like that. Apologies.

  • Whaaaaaaaa!

  • I love your writing style – writing is my downfall and I have a blog that's funny in itself…but I always feel like I'm reading a story or a novel. Love it. Couldn't agree more.

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