the highs and the low, low, lows…..

October 6, 2010

yesterday, i booked a job on an upcoming court show.

fueled by the euphoric fumes of a successful audition i cartwheeled my way into acting class; only to hiroshima the shit out of my drunk driving monologue.

what was supposed to be a moving, heartfelt plea against alcoholism most likely drove my fellow actors to become alcoholics, themselves, just to get through my performance bomb.

carrying on.

  • It wasn't the monumental failure you think it was! But this apology was very creative. Yes, it could have had more emotion but it didn't drive me or anyone else to drink. Funny girl. Glad you booked a job. That's what it's all about!!

  • Congrats….beautiful image! I didn't realize you were an actress. Hope you hit it big 🙂

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