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October 4, 2010

tap. tap. tap.

tap. tap. tap.

the sweet rap of raindrops scampering across our roof come three o’clock this morning.

my two crusty beasts and their surlier human all barked disgruntled disfavor to the interrupted slumber.

as hostess of the household it was my duty to welcome and usher in our new seasons’ alms.

i robed up and received the first hints of fall:

big, giant gumdrops of rain, a charcoal sky, and 60’F (tee hee).

so maybe i’m not wearing a parka, but at least the flip flops are put away {for a day}.

happy puddle splashing.


  • Hi Katie! It's been a while! I love this…I was so happy to open the front door this morning to gray skies and rain and cooler temps. Change is SO good. LOVE the photo and the writing. XO, Steph.

  • I was opening the curtains in the bedroom as I didn't hear the rain and saw everything all wet (I'm in Manhattan Beach) and was in heaven. Just to think I was at South Coast on Saturday laughing at all the Wellies and Hunter boots (in every color), I was thinking when the heck are we going to wear those here …hmmm insert foot in mouth…maybe for a day LOL!

  • A rainy Monday morning…BLISS!! I just love your blog and thought I finally introduce myself.

  • Sweet Nothings

    well, minus I have no sweater hello fall! It wasn't raining when I left for the gym at 4 this morning, and then boom, i am wet in my office. 🙁 oh well..time to start keeping an extra sweater in the car!

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