up a size…or two…

November 1, 2010


someone had herself one too many mr. goodbar’s this weekend.

my triple xxl robe from men’s: husky and high even feels snug this morning.

HD friendly i am not.

rather, stick an apple in my mouth and fire-pit me up luau style.

i can’t go on another day feeling like such a slug.

plus, i’m out of mr. goodbars.



  • I don't know, if two sticks of butter and a cup of sugar sound excessive for a pan of cornbread, I guess I will be oinking right next to you. (but not on Thursday…grrrr)

  • That's funny. We had one trick or treater and now I'm struck with two bags of candy and my waist is already expanding. GRRRR!

  • do you know what it feels like right after you have a baby???
    I feel SO skinny… but I see pictures and I am SO not!

  • Sweet Nothings

    oh, everyone brought their extra candy to the office. i have no willpower. hello tootsie pops.

  • Mr. Goodbar told me I was the only one last night. What a liar.

  • but damn they're good!! I'm so craving red licorice.

    : D

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