resolution number 2: as the crow flies

December 29, 2010


i’ve restarted yoga after a five year hiatus.

the bliss of shutting down, of lamp-shading the outside world, and sitting in my stillness is back.

but. so. is. the. fear.

i can coddle and herd my hamstrings to new lengths.

my shoulders juice out tension held from college finals passed.

yet, ask me to balance my knees on my triceps,

and i’d sooner drink a toe-nail milkshake {not my own}.

gross. yes. but that’s how i feel about crow pose.

now, i know there are yogis who will read this and try to help with tips and encouragement.


i know this is an easy pose.

i have eyes.

i see ALL of you, knees up in your armpits, acting as if you had just eaten a piece of cake.


this is my own fear of falling on my face {literally and metaphorically}.

but it is my resolution to master this muthafucka by next year!!!!




  • Well the good thing for you is I only did yoga once or twice in a studio and a few times at home and I can't do that pose. I guess I really am a yoga virgin.

  • love.

    this is one of my resolutions, as well. back to the grind….


  • I've always found the poses everyone else thinks are so easy to be the hardest–like wheel…14 years later and I still can't do it. I'm impressed with your resolution. I wish I were as motivated but after years of being a yoga freak I'm just accepting the fact that I need a break.

    Hope you are staying warm and dry today!

    xo Mary Jo

  • can I join the crow club? It scares the hell out of me too…at least now I know I'm not alone.

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