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date night

January 31, 2011

hunky and i continue the courting into our third year of marital happy.

we adhere to a strict date night rule.

{basically only that we have one, once a week}

me and him. him and me. face to face. well, more like my forehead to his chest. he is rather tall, my fella.

he talks, i jabber, he listens, i devour, he laughs, i shriek.

he smiles. i melt.

and although he typically misses the fashion fabulousness i bring to our evening’s out,

he never neglects to make me feel choice and only.

maybe it was truffle oil frisée or the french fries with cinnamon ketchup?

but this weekend’s date night still has me blushing.



January 28, 2011

nothing against the other nominees, but the the ivy must be serving funny mushrooms in that grilled vegetable salad.

how else could such colossal neglect have occurred?

the tom ford gown alone would have been enough to get her on the ballot you buffoons!

best dressed aside; she is, in my opinion, the top girl in her game.

has been ever since her as the world turns days.

{yes, i watched her even then}

never the same lass twice, and never forgettable.

well, my only hope is that since she now has the night of march 25th free; she’ll be somewhere else, filming something even more fabulous for me to see next year.


my magic formula

January 27, 2011

today i have a 10am call time.

regrettably, last night’s sleep count clocked in at a dismal 4 hours.

lucky for me there is a solution to the done in mess that is my face…..





and fairy dust.



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