date night

January 31, 2011

hunky and i continue the courting into our third year of marital happy.

we adhere to a strict date night rule.

{basically only that we have one, once a week}

me and him. him and me. face to face. well, more like my forehead to his chest. he is rather tall, my fella.

he talks, i jabber, he listens, i devour, he laughs, i shriek.

he smiles. i melt.

and although he typically misses the fashion fabulousness i bring to our evening’s out,

he never neglects to make me feel choice and only.

maybe it was truffle oil frisée or the french fries with cinnamon ketchup?

but this weekend’s date night still has me blushing.


  • Ah! That's so sweet. I love that you love your hunky husband and that you have date night. Sounds perfect.

  • Yes, date night is crucial. For a marriage that lasts, have date night every week and carefully guard that time because life happens and things get in the way to steal it away from you! I had two dates this week with hubby to make up for the lack thereof last week. 🙂

  • Favorite parts of this post:

    he smiles, i melt.


    he never fails to make me feel choice and only.

    Lucky girl. Lucky guy. XXX.

  • love this!

  • We had a date night on Friday and it was fun! Pretty much all nights are date nites since the little one went away to school. It is so great that we still know and like each other after all (17) of these years. We were early empty-nesters!

  • Your writing is perfection!

  • My dearest stunning katie ~

    the heart is racing after reading this love fest between you and your HH. So deserved, so special, so hold-on-to-this-forever kinda love!

    And YES, you must extend the date night to a date weekend/week and come visit us in the wine country. Your room is waiting! Beasties totally welcome!

    Big love to you,

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