my eyes are still burning bright from yesterday’s magnificent fanfare.

i’m convinced the clouds, sun and blue sky were playing a game to see how many atheists they could convert into believers.

streaming beams of luminous love dazzling down every so often from pillowy puffs of white.

a stretched canvas of cartoon blue; fairy godmothers just waiting to cascade out from their corners.

it’s these moments when i’m confronted with such grand grace and wide wonder that i feel the most…….small.

wee’er than small.

a speck.

a mite.

a dot dancing herself silly in this universal tome.

yet, i dare not shake and shimmy stag.

while i may not have you lovelies (readers) actually here with me cutting our rug on my makeshift dance floor;

you’re on my brain and in my heart.

so let’s dance!

happy weekend m’loves.