January 28, 2011

nothing against the other nominees, but the the ivy must be serving funny mushrooms in that grilled vegetable salad.

how else could such colossal neglect have occurred?

the tom ford gown alone would have been enough to get her on the ballot you buffoons!

best dressed aside; she is, in my opinion, the top girl in her game.

has been ever since her as the world turns days.

{yes, i watched her even then}

never the same lass twice, and never forgettable.

well, my only hope is that since she now has the night of march 25th free; she’ll be somewhere else, filming something even more fabulous for me to see next year.


  • juliannne moore is soooo gorgeous and timeless. hey…i saw your comment over at sweet nothings…the photo with justin timberlake? the other person is andrew garfield, he was in social network and he's the next spiderman :).

    Girl Meets Handbag

    Murval Paris

  • I will have to check out the list. Haven't seen it yet. I saw all the movies because my neighbor gets them so I was able to catch up. I thought she was amazing in The Kids are Alright BTW – great movie and while I wasn't crazy about Black Swan so wierd for me – Natalie Portman actually deserves to win, she was amazing. For foriegn – I always forget her name but I hope she got nominated from I am LOVE…AMAZING and the Girl From the Dragon Tatoo for foriegn. Cannot wait to watch.

  • Sweet Nothings

    i think it was bc of her golden globes dress..theyre like nooo way lol

    but shes stunnnning. i love when she wears emerald.

  • She didn't get the nomination? So, sad! She is beautiful and so incredibly talented. Happy Weekend, Katie! 🙂

  • I just adore her. Maybe because we have the ginger bond but she rocks.

  • julianne moore…. so very beautiful!

    thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm not sure what a greyhound is, but, if it looks that good- I definitely need to get the recipe from you!

  • Uh, this killed me! I am such a longtime fan and of course what could be more fabulous than a pairing with Tom Ford and dreamy Colin?

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