the heat is on

January 18, 2011

whilst the rest of the country is enjoying flurry and frost,

we’re bikini-clad and burning up in california.

balls to boiling temperatures in january.

i’m one of the few who actually dislikes this warm weather botch.

give me back my stormy, grey, blustery winter stat!

off to find a weatherman…….


*disclaimer: i know i used the ‘we’ pronoun earlier. but this girl is in no way shape or form bikini-clad. more-like ‘blazer, knee-socks, jeans, and hat’-clad.


always freezing no matter what the temperature says

  • I have to say I enjoyed the cold weather but I was finally tired of the rain. For me to say that is HUGE. I'm actually enjoying this warm weather. P.S. I'm always cold too.

  • It is sweltering! I wrote to some of my East Coast pals that I wanted to borrow some of their snow but they were all too shivery and cranky to say yes! Still, it's always greener…Keep warm, sweet friend!

  • OMG, we are weather twins. I love foggy, dreary days too! Maybe that's why SF is the place where we feel right.

  • Must be the artist in you. 🙂 My artsy son LOVES rain and gloom. I am thinking he should look at colleges in Oregon or Washington when the time comes!

  • Katie..Katie..Katie what are we going to do with you? You may get hate mail for posting in January that you dislike the heat. I totally understand, too much sun is too much of a good thing. Sending you some of our dreary days we've been blessed with.

    Bye the way, you had me on the floor with your comment on my post. The dog & husband were laughing too! Love ya Katie xx

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