a revision

February 15, 2011

yesterday, amidst all the chocolate hearts and pink carnations i found myself in a familiar place: conflicted.

a pickle of sorts.

spout, spout, spout i spat my distaste for all things valentine and hallmark.

but contrary is not a color i wear well. completely washes me out actually.

yet mid savasana {thank you raquel perry} a shift occurred in my heart and brain.

loosening up the laces on my grinch boots, i slowly started to shovel out my deep rooted heels.

and for the rest of the day i decided to send out valentines {silent, energetic, fairytale-princess-like} to the people i don’t love.

wordlessly, i hurled arrows of happy toward those who are hurtful, dishonorable, and vicious.

people who have affected me personally, and people who haven’t.

luckily it wasn’t a long list.

what is extensive is the continued peace i feel in my heart.

so i revise my stance on valentine’s day.

while my knee jerk is still to think of those without,

i can still privately honor the holiday within.

wishing you a tuesday beautiful m’loves.




  • lovely….i adore the image of slinging happy arrows of thought!! i can literally see people getting hit and wondering why, all of a sudden, they feel just a tiny bit better! i too try to do this when i am feeling grumpy and poopie. i almost always feel happier! have a great tues!

  • Take that Saint Valentine! I see your goopey red hearts, and I raise you REAL love and sentiment! xo

  • what a cool take on the holiday! i'm happy you found peace with those aren't the best. I hear writing letters (even if you don't deliver them) is very therapeutic 🙂

  • Only you could turn your Nope. Not celebrating Valentine's Day. mood into something devilishly lovely! I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU! This made me smile. Have a feeling I'll be smiling for a while. XXX.

  • auntie char

    Well, I will take it as a GOOD sign NOT to haveing gotten a Valentine! And since I felt no sudden sharp pains of arrows being shot at me….I take it I am on the favored list!

    I sure hope so!

  • i just heart you so much.

  • This post was beautiful and the images stunning. And I agree with you whole-heartedly. It's a hard day for those without a significant other, but I decided that just because I was without this year, I wouldn't be a grey cloud. I'd be sunshine and show all the wonderful people in my life how special they are. That made me feel good.

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