eyes wide shut

February 11, 2011

my toes-a-tippy are solely devoted to ballerina pointé, and deeper looks into the donut display.

yet lately, my colleagues friends and i find ourselves begrudgingly walking with backs more upright,

eggshells beneath our creeping feet,

treading carefully on a landmined laced tightrope.

shifting, dark eyes have suddenly sprouted from dusty corners.

years of honesty, dedication, and love are now expected to take backseats to bottom lines.

i wasn’t schooled in the game of watch your back, and i don’t fancy an education now.

call me naïve. call me green. i can fashion a fabulous frock with both.

but i will not run in the race of the rats.

  • Amazing!!!! I love this!!!

  • Yes.

  • aw, no rat racing for me either! beautiful blog! sounds like we're going to the same imaginary party @ mrs m's, but the party favors are not going to be imaginary! i gotta read more here to get acquainted with you so that you like your favor!! hmmmm off to school on you!

  • You go, Glen Coco!

  • auntie char

    Sometimes I am too dense or you are too cryptic….to understand what is going on.

    But what happened to my green toile background? OH, my head can't take too many changes at my age!

  • I don't fancy the corp. or other wise crap and don't play games. I feel for you if not fear, but I know you are one tough individual and 'those' with the shifty eye shape-shifters had just keep out of your face, just say'in.

    Hope the weekend at least gives you some kind of reprieve from the snakes.

    hugs xx

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