February 28, 2011

i was working last night, thus was able to watch the recorded oscars upon returning home.

i’m still trying to q-tip anne hathaway’s shrieking woo’s out of my ears.

i’ve never been so grateful for the tivo fast forward button in my life.

was anyone else hoping billy crystal would stay on stage for the rest of the evening?

thank god for fancy frocks to distract from the disaster.

here are my favorite of the evening:

camila alves in kaufman franco

mila kunis in elie saab

mandy moore in monique lhuiller.

sunrise coigney in jean paul gaultier. {best accessory of the evening: husband mark ruffalo}

michelle williams in chanel.

gwyneth paltrow in calvin klein

and cate. aaaah. my absolute favorite fancy of the party.

it’s all over the place this morning with fashionistas as a hit and a miss.

but this lilac, pearl encrusted givenchy is pure perfection in my book.

the only show stopper of the of a {mostly} boring night.



  • Gwynneth and Cate were my favs. But, really, what the hell was wrong with James Franco? Could he have been more flat? And the dark circles around his eyes? Were there no makeup artists there. Truly, a BORING superbowl. Oh, the first white dress and the blue column dress that Ann wore were amazing as well.

  • Ok don't get me started the whole Ann and James Franco was terrible. Thank God I had a business dinner and I normally am glued to my tv on Oscar night – I was able to fast forward through all of it. All the winners were who I wanted to was happy on that note. Got to disagree on Cate's dress. It reminded me of an space outfit. The shoulders were dreadful – sorry. Loved all your pics above – simple and classy. However, gotta say everyone was kind of boring. I tend to be a simple classic girl but I felt like most were pretty boring – the young girl in the Calvin Klein dress for Winters Bone – ok looked like it was off the rack. I'm in the fashion business and knows what goes into apparel but that was just boring. Loved Billy Crystal – I think everyone was hoping he would come out and finish the show. Was sooooo happy for all the Uk Film Council comments and that Kings Speech won since my neighbor was the head of the UK Film Council until some guy in the UK decided to abolish it – now he's eating crow right now. Loved Sandra Bullock and how she looked in her red dress. The Oscars overall including the stage were just BLAH! What was up with all those stories / etc. nothing made sense. Hopefully Billy will be back next year.

  • I LOVED Mandy and Gwen's dresses…also liked Halle Berry's Marchesa dress, but I'm a huge fan of anything tulle and sparkly…

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  • Mila was my favorite of the evening. I love that you included Camila Alves on the list; I thought her dress was so striking. Livia Firth's dress was also lovely.

  • Loving so many of your picks, Cate is always my favorite–she picks the most difficult dress to wear and makes it work. Weird but I think that Calvin makes Gwenneth look poochy/frumpy. Hope work was good!

    xo Mary Jo

  • I always forget about our shared love of Mark Ruffalo. It's probably my favorite thing about us. (;

  • Really wonderful choices! My favorite was Amy Adams. I know blue wasn't the thing this year, but it's always my favorite color.

  • auntie char

    Gotta disagree about my beloved Cate. The dress was foolishly cartoonish….looked like the back of a chair and the those plastic pearls looked like she spent the afternoon with a glue gun. Cate is so beautiful….she would look good in almost anything….ALMOST!
    I thought the little girl from "True Grit" looked sweet….and Amy Adams blue dress was a great color choice for her. I can see why you liked Camilla's dress….reminding me a whole lot of your wedding dress!! I thought Reese Witherspoon looked classy….blondes in black aways look fabulous. And I liked Annette Benings dress. Nice to see she is aging gracefully and smart enough NOT to go the frozen Botox, enormous plastic pouty lips look. She look elegant, beautiful and and secure with who she is as a person.

  • Love your round up! For me, it was all about gweyneth and cate! Stunning.

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