go ahead. call animal services….

February 22, 2011

but last week’s vet check-up was not pretty.

truman is “fat”.

priscilla is not svelte.

a soundtrack of shame booms throughout the house.

we are headed back to the ranch.

priscilla insisted i take a before picture.

wish us luck.

  • SandySays1

    Oh my! Priscilla you poor humiliated canine. And a sister Golden, too. I'd insist that the human you own put that mask on his/her face, have photos taken, and have them posted on the net. You look so sad!. Hint, put a real guilt trip on them. A 12 ounce sirloin would start to make amends.
    Sandy http://www.sandysays1.wordpress.com

  • so cute though!

  • babies!!! I need one of those little hats for georgie!! what precious peanuts!

  • Poor babies!

  • auntie char

    My poor little Piggies! Please be gentle with them….can't they go on a high protein diet? So sweet….so cute….the little porkers!

  • The vet said the f-word too about one of my boys. 🙁
    Vet said Moshi should start on a diet coz he’s 7 years old now and it’s starting to take a toll on his joints. Moshi has been on Glucosamine vitamins for the last 2 months, because he started limping whenever he started to walk after a long sleeping position. His joints were aching. 🙁

    On a lighter note, your babies are so cute.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • she is sooo cute! goodluck at the vet!

  • Since Miss Bear is nearly 13, I have all but given up on her piggish tendencies. Even my eldest son will say now "mom, you realize that by throwing her that scrap you are reinforcing her…"(spoken like a true psychologist's son), to which my response now is "she's an old lady…let her have it if it makes her happy." Good luck-they are a foodie breed….

  • oh shame…perhaps it's all the fur?! {wink, wink}

  • Let us hope they have 'pink' bowls @ the ranch. I'm going through the stuff with Buffy the Chi-Weenie. Tested her thyroid and that wasn't it which is good, but so nice to 'blame' it on something other than me giving her a treat too many / : Your pups are just darn adorable, piggy masks & all. Hilarious!!

    Big hug to priscilla and truman xo

  • super love this!!!!

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