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February 7, 2011

good morning m’loves.

how was your weekend fancy?

i finally caught the rest burned on my brain after 38 hours of non-stop push.

like a miraculous well of fresh water in an arid, parched desert; i wolfed that nap greedily and hungrily down.

hours later, pillows still marked their sweet, supporting care on the side of my face;

my badge of honor for the weekend toil.

so loves are you as obsessed with tumblr as i am?

{can you say late to the game}

lost, lost i tell you!

for days, hours and hours in the tumble.

obviously i, too, had to join the party.

goodniteirene now has a tumblr page.

do you? let me know.

also, are you tweeting m’dears…anyone’s tweets i’m missing?

find both my tumblr and tweets over there on the right, a little higher up…see it?

monday happy to you m’loves.



  • Your tumblr is going to be the death of me, I think. I've already hand-picked four images I'm stealing for posts this week. The tea tray filled with sparklies is now my newest obsession. Jeeves! Come clean my silver! Oh, you. The death of me, I think. xoxo

  • Weekend sleep sounds like a good thing, and so glad you got some! Wish I'd gotten more of it! I'll bet your tumblr is amazing and will check it out. I usually get tumblr feeds from other image sites I use, but now that I'm on pininterest everything I need seems to be there and so many of the images are coming from tumblr. Hope you're having a good Monday, I wish it weren't moving at such a clip already!
    xo Mary Jo

  • No tumblr or twitter here, but I'm still on Facebook. I think I've quit twice now, haha.

  • i can spend hours on tumblr

  • Weekend sleep is wonderful 🙂 lovely greetings

  • Oh..so glad to know you tweet my fair bird and take a tumblr too. I could tumblr away the hours I think. As for twitter, get it, do it, but seem to always be a day late & far short.

    I DO need to try your brand of wine bye the way! Hoping you started your new week feeling refreshed after your well needed slumber.

    Good evening to you me dear xx

  • i caught up on some sleep too 🙂 i will have to check out your tumblr! Even though I don't blog regularly, I feel so busy with blogging, I just can't imagine adding a tumblr to the mix. I can't wait to see yours tho!

  • Frankly, I'm a pinterest junkie. But I have to confess, I'm now obsessed with your writing. So lovely.

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