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delta airlines can suck it

April 29, 2011

i watched from the oversold, airplane window as your tarmac jokers decided to indiscriminately not load my bag {and several others} onto the plane.

then your counter agent, with the sensitivity of an elbow to the jaw, insinuated somehow i brought this upon my self.

“such is the gamble you take {losing your bags} when you travel”.

{my head is still cocked to the side, eyes narrowed, attempting to unravel this enigma? sage advice? condescending bullshit?}

wedding to attend….no clothes.


weekend happy to all except those at delta airlines {hope you eat bad oysters and drink rancid milk}.

desert bloom

April 28, 2011

today i leave for santa fe. an enchanted weekend away with hunkiest and the dearest of ones loved.

my bags are packed, my boots are shined.

my itinerary is a discourse in romance and relaxation.

 from the doors of our casita, feasting on the beauty foothills of the sangre de cristo mountains, hunkiest and i plan to further feast on a gourmet breakfast in bed.

on friday, the boys will golf.

and the girls will spa.

my ayurvedic treatments promise to ease my third eye, nourish my soul, and revitalize my body.

screw the third eye, i’m happy just to hide out where cell phones are banned.

friday evening portends revelry and cozy with gang-wit.

no doubt giggle fits and knee-slaps will arise.

saturday i’ll do my best to keep my tears to a minimum sob as two loved ones make it official.

kisses all around.

another evening of love, laughter, food, and drink…..maybe even dancing.

merrymaking for a marriage.

sundays are for smooching.

*{okay! okay! confession….because i surmise those who know me intimately will be calling “bullshit” on “breakfast in bed” plan. i say and  imagine this whole idea of room service at fancy-nancy resort as something wonderful and decadent. each time we travel i intend for us to experience said rite of amorous treat. but never happens. i’m up at the crack, on the hunt for my crack coffee, with a face like joan rivers, and the energy of richard simmons. hunky hubby never knows i’m missing until two hours later when he awakens upon my return: paper read, smack fix seen to, breakfast in bed plan nixed}.

April 27, 2011

twin sister!  paging my twin sister!

come out, come out wherever you are!

alas billy goats, i don’t really have a genetic duplicate….

can you imagine the world cheese shortage?

although i love the maggie q suggestions…

{well maybe not TWIN….more like distant, thinner, vietnamese cousin}

but if such genetic duplicate existed,

today i’d mortar and pestle my double into a fine, spreadable pesto, as we’d divide and conquer my whacked, over-committed day.

8 different places to be, two different counties, luggage to pack, beasts to feed and tangle with, and peeps who need to be squeezed and tucked.

i have another stab session with dr. sugar lips, and one big audition this morning.

fingers, legs, toes, eyes crossed that all goes well.

wednesday happy to you m’loves.

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