bitch twitch

April 13, 2011

so give or take two weeks ago i became the proud owner of a twitch.

lower, right eyelid, 1 second intervals. 24 hours a day.

i felt the moment she {again like my cat i sense my twitch is a lass} commandeered my orbital socket.

a stressful telephone conversation; one better served me had i ranted and kicked rather than sweetly smiled and acquiesced.

a common coulda-woulda-shoulda jingle in my life.


my peeper beeper isn’t overtly obvious, but a casting director did send me skidaddle after picking it up on camera.

what’s going on with your eye?


my enigmatic sparkle? my fetching twinkle? my star quality?

couldn’t i fill a niche like little people do? like heavily tattooed guy? super tan, wrinkled, old lady? i could be girl with fucked up, quivering eye.

the good wife should be calling any minute, right?

google {or as my mother calls it ‘goggle’} says i need to relax and exercise.

yeah let me get right on that exercise.

for yesterday i was only able to get six hours of pilates and spin class in.

for now i’ll make do with my quasi-quiet computer time; meditate into fields of dandelion peace and stillness.


{lotus position, padma mudrā fingers, ujjayi breath, brain quiet, jaw soft}

dance party in my right eyelid.


  • Six hours of pilates and spin? How do you find that sort of time? Maybe you need a day or two off from exercise instead? Hit a spa or mediate, perhaps?

  • Screw breathing!! I say STAB IT. If it's moving, Feed her Botox. You know how the OC ladies love it.

  • You need more sleep, my dear

  • You are so funny…I wish you lived next door. (In fact I've got a list of bloggers I want to take over my street.) You have weezled your way out of my reader, to my inbox and now I'm about to move you onto my toolbar and that is some pretty special space…I confess, I don't always read the blogs I follow if the pictures don't have me on the click, but I read you and giggle out loud and wish I was meeting you at Starbucks…It's a small world, but I've decided not small enough for me to gather all my blog crushes… Oh well, one day maybe, we'll all get to meet for real, but until then, on to my toolbar so I don't miss a word…

  • HILARIOUS Miss katie!!!!! I think you can find a niche for this special skill.

  • Would you like me to bring you a cupcake? Because, naturally, I would be up for any excuse in that department.

  • Your little blinking light eye…is telling you that your nerves are shot.
    I know, since I have seen my eye show be the same quirky dance.
    Slow down.
    Take away, or minimize the caffeine and the sugar.
    And, Bee pollen, and or add all the Vitamin Bs you can swallow.


  • its a magnesium deficiency xx

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