delta airlines can suck it

April 29, 2011

i watched from the oversold, airplane window as your tarmac jokers decided to indiscriminately not load my bag {and several others} onto the plane.

then your counter agent, with the sensitivity of an elbow to the jaw, insinuated somehow i brought this upon my self.

“such is the gamble you take {losing your bags} when you travel”.

{my head is still cocked to the side, eyes narrowed, attempting to unravel this enigma? sage advice? condescending bullshit?}

wedding to attend….no clothes.


weekend happy to all except those at delta airlines {hope you eat bad oysters and drink rancid milk}.

  • SUCH a good post. I used to think the same thing when blake couldnt make it out here bc of delta…NOW I'll think poorly of them for you, and also hope that your bags arrive to your hotel room before your breakfast in bed does! Xo

  • NNOOOOOOOOOOO!!! THAT does not help a stressed out eye twitch. Nor is it conducive to a weekend of relaxation – unless, of course, you remain naked – and never leave the room! A protest of sorts.

  • Oh, Katie, I'm so sorry! That's such bull! I hope you find a way to pull it together, put that stuff behind you, and have a grand time!

  • Sweet Nothings

    oh no thats awful! i wouldve taken my iphone out and taken pictures of them not loading my bag!

  • That is terrible, I am so sorry! Send Delta the bill for your new clothes.

  • "Such a gamble when you fly", you loose bags is acceptable? Bullocks!!! You should of twisted his.

    I'm so sorry; not a way to kick-off a grand weekend. I do hope the remainder of the time made up for Delta's crap.

    xo xo

  • That is terrible! I hope that things started looking up from there, or that something utterly fabulous made up for it.

  • amanda

    BITCHES!!!!! "elbow to the jaw" love it. Remember that twat in Denver?????? OMG.. Love you!!! If Continental loses my bags, you'll see me on the news. xo

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