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April 15, 2011

here we are, face to face, couple of silver spoons.

me and coffee cup.

it’s that time again.

my annual break-up.

as with every tenuous, co-dependent, abusive relationship, one party eventually reaches their threshold with the highs and lows, ups and downs, happy-happys and tired-tireds.

coffee supplies me with morning warmth and wakeup, aromatic steam for a worn out tired engine, ritualistic comfort to my o.c.d. fantasy land, calorie free, delicious, toe-tingling energy, and is my ever-soothing, security blanket, thumb sucker i never carried or sucked as i child.

according to google…and friends, coffee also could be giving me a waxing thyroid, irritable sleep {although have zero sleep issues so far}, a cracked up metabolism, and hormonal imbalances.

as with everything, in excess, toll will be taken.

but my body seems to have cried uncle. actually my eye.

while my twitch isn’t directly related to my coffee consumption {a silly, stressful conversation involving big words and numbers actually brought it on} i know my continued main-lining of caffeine isn’t helping it go away.

thank you m’loves for all the words of support and suggestions.

i do already take a toxic dosage of magnesium.

and as far as the B-supplements…..i do them all biotin, b-6, b-12, b3, i’d bee-hive my hair if i thought it would help.

so teapot here i come. again. i hope you’ll take me back.

coffee and i will never completely cease and desist. i will merely see other people. sort of like taking a sister-wife. preferably something perky and sweet.

yes, i’d like a venti ginnifer goodwin-ish tea please, extra hot, double cupped.

updates to follow.

  • have you been to tevana at south coast plaza? after years of devout coffee worship, J and I discovered this place. We are now going through tea like we're irish. I ALMOST prefer my nighttime cup of strawberry lemonade to a goblet of merlot. Last Christmas, I spent more $$ in this store than any trip to Hi Times I've ever made. Check it out, you may find something new to put in your drip bag.

  • I've only ever had a relationship with tea. There's nothing like the smell of coffee in the morning but the taste isn't for me at all. What I need to break up with right now is carbs, particularly bread. Sigh…
    Happy weekend, Katie!

  • oh my, katie. this post is hitting so close to home right now. i'm on my 3rd week sans coffee! I would like to say that I feel great, but I really miss coffee! There's nothing like the coffee experience. I gave it up because I was having night time anxiety and couldn't sleep, so it's been helping with that, but wow coffee is just too good.

  • kayli pearsall

    ugh. gives me a twitch just reading about it.

  • Good luck entering a more casual dating type of relationship with the darling that is coffee.
    Tea has its own charms, and I do not doubt you can love both at the same time. (Just in smaller doses for your health, of course.)

  • what a fun blog – so interesting and fun. I love it.

  • […] potassium, magnesium, b-vitamin, and caffeine levels have all been checked too…i’m a big time supplementer as it is, but now, just […]

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