weekend happy

April 22, 2011

hello i love you won’t you tell me your name?

what’s in your pocket for the weekend lollipops?

tonight, i plan on losing my voice with mumford and son’s.

tomorrow, more shouting {microphone assisted} with my gangsta’s looking to sweat and crush the constant inner babble of our brains.

tomorrow night i plan on losing my mind in hunkiest’s sweet talk and sugar kisses. hopefully with a grilled cheese sandwich thrown in the mix somewhere.

more holla’ and calorie crush on sunday morning to help stave off planned damage from deep fisted, easter candy basket binge later.

i’m a sucker for pretty.

marshmallow, nougat, white chocolate, marzipan….flavors which normally produce an upturned my nose; belle them up in lavender, aqua, celadon, azure, a dusty pink?!?! and i’m a sticky-fingered walking mallomar.

so share with me..i adore your comments.

are there champagne brunches in your future? peeps? eggs to be dyed? or are you more: easter’s here?

weekend happy to you m’loves!

  • You are so lucky! I wish I could be there with you tonight. So badly.
    For me, it'll be a day and a half of tons of schoolwork, followed by an entire day off on Sunday for a brunch I'm hosting and a dinner at a friend's. I can't tell you how excited I am.

  • One word-disneyland. No obligations, just me and the girl yay!

  • I'm so jeal… Mumford & Sons?!?!?! The fiance will be jeal too…
    We have tons of wedding homework this weekend (what else is new?) but we are sneaking in some sweet time in the city, so I am pleased.
    Have fun!

  • Sweet Nothings

    easter candy overload Sunday. probably going to make myself sick

  • Enjoy your weekend!! I tried (too late) to get tickets for Mumford tonight. You're lucky!!
    Me…tonight, beach picnic. Tomorrow, 6th anniversary- congrats to my hubby for putting up with me! Dutch baby pancakes and mmm bacon for breakfast, Easter eggstravaganza kid kinda fun fair, then an afternoon at the spa with hubby and a late evening at Surf & Sand. Sunday, SO excited to see Jack find his Easter basket, then off to San Diego for a family egg hunt, brunch and bellinis! Cheers! Xoxo

  • Ok am I the only one that doesn't know what Mumford is? I pride myself on being up to date on things but maybe I've been in a glass bubble. Have fun. For Easter, first time in 10 years I'm not cooking. My friend and her BF were suppose to come over for Champagne brunch but her cousin got an amazing hook up in Spain so she jet setted off…so Blakster and I are likely throwing in the towl and doing a Champagne Brunch somewhere. No Easter candy for me – these hips can't handle anymore chocolate…but how I love Cadburry eggs…maybe a few ha ha. Have a great weekend.

  • Your weekend sounds fab! I'm working…but um, I have already managed to been there and done the easter candy and grilled cheese…so I guess all that's left is crush and burn. Have fun!!!!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  • Katie your weekend sound jam packed with goodness. Mumford & sons I love. Did they play 'little lion man'? Eat a handful of Cadbury eggs and Peeps for me would you please. We're just a lonely lot over here in Katy, TX but the sun out.

    Happy Easter to you sweet Katie!!

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