weekend house

April 4, 2011

sunday afternoon, when my work week is finally done, i identify my target {bed}, lock in, aim body, and fire in for my long-awaited {well-deserved} nap.

the sounds of our house stir me into sweet compose.

at first blush a baby might even find the silence too still and lull.

but sit a moment.

eyes closed.

the house breathes, beats and reverberates a peaceful lullaby:

from our bedroom i can hear harbor boats blast their booming, deep hulled tenor as they signal around the bay; soulful hellos boasting their years here on the water.

downstairs the percussion pants of de-conditioned beasts unaccustomed to neighborhood walks in the springtime sun, beat time to creaking, cracking ankles of the beast walker; no longer the tennis star he was in his youth.

snip, snip, snap sound the garden sheers of my neighbor miles. retired, he tends to his japanese boxwood with the love and care of an old-fashioned courtship. next he attempts to tame his wild, unruly, hot-pink, tea roses who crisscross his white pickets with the sass and rebellion of a teenager. sadie, his portuguese water puppy, plays bunny-rabbit throughout the yard, greeting all who walk by with a lick and a hop.

a sleepy smile escapes my slumber when i hear my beloved sock slippering the hard wood halls, office to den, to check an occasional basketball score, and scour the pantry for something chocolatey and sweet.

squeaky wheels peep from the kids on their cruisers pedaling home from the beach. cheeks burned, sand in their suits.

weekend coming to a close. just like my nap.

i’ve always thought i looked my best after a nap. even with my eyes a little puffy, hair a bit here and there. i’m my most katie after my naps. especially on sunday afternoons.

especially in the quiet of my house.

  • You are singing my song! Mine takes place ritualistically in my kids' bean bag chairs, covered with my daughter's cozy blanket, and my horseshoe shaped neck pillow. Yesterday's was especially delightful! 🙂

  • I'm not a nap girl myself, but I sleep for nine hours a night, no fail, and it is one of my favorite things in life.

  • Sounds like heaven. That was my day Saturday. Yesterday, I was Miles. Snip, Snip, Snipped my entire garden. Took me the entire day. Pruned about 12 rose bushes, weedsed, filled two trash cans and went to sleep like a baby promptly after RHW-OC.

  • Nice. No place like home. Tis true.

  • I wake up to the same exclamation every Sunday from the golfers across the street , missing their shot at the ninth hole. > "Sh#@$*T" !!! ;p

    And, major crowds of men on their street bikes collectively discussing, their work week.

  • you always describe every detail to visual perfection…your home is an oasis of poetry just like your heart.

    i used to never surrender to naps, but since Sean entered my sphere of love, we make Sunday afternoons sacred nap time. a restoring and beautiful reprieve of just two turned into a bed full of breathing melodies of four ~ mama bear, papa bear, baby bear and puglet bear.

  • auntie char

    Yes…..you ARE most like "Katie" after a beloved nap. You awoke a strong, sweet memory of a little girl I use know….always fighting sleep "I NOT Tired!". So afraid she would miss something. And then surrending to the land of winks & nods….drowsy & cuddly and completely, heart-breakingly adorable: with a unique fragrance of damp sweet peas with touch of cinnamon. Yes….the most "Katie"

    Sigh…..my sweet Katie dear.

    Auntie Chara

  • That's fabulous that you're most Katie after a Sunday nap. I adore naps, but I don't get nearly enough of them. But when I do, I indulge. I curl up with a cat and a pillow and if I can get myself in the sunshine, all that much better.

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