saturday, i stumbled on this visual bouquet of blogosphere sweet.

always a sucker for quinoa, a video tutorial was just the inspiration i needed to get my stove out its dusty doldrums.

quinoa {pronounced keen-wah} is known as a ‘super food’.

a favorite among vegetarians for its high protein and 8 amino acid content, a favorite among masses for its delicious taste and versatility.

high in fiber, quinoa scores very low on the glycemic index, provides 30% of daily magnesium {good for migraine sufferers and digestive disorders}, supplies 20% of daily folate, 15% iron, 18% copper {good for cell tissue rejuvenation and helps to fight infections}, 28% phosphorous {bone health}, and 60% manganese {free radical fighter}.

quinoa is also gluten and wheat free.

a ‘super’ food indeed.

happy cooking m’loves.