happy birthday to me {a day early}

May 4, 2011

or rather as they say in norse …”til hammó með ammó”.

yippee skippy!!

i am the recipient of fashionista’s leifsdottir summer outfit.

i’ve always been a giant fan of the unique, creative, scandinavian line, leifsdottir.

i first spied them in anthropologie in what i thought was a vintage, 50’s house coat.

swoon overload.

i’ve been dazzled ever since.

 françoise hardy and jane birkin inspired, fashionista pulled together cool, effortless warm-weather chic.

a sunwashed denim skirt, a floral embroidery blouse, and chic arched wedge shoes.

if you need me i’ll left banking it with les artistes and les rebelles clad in mes větements fabuleux.

and because it is my birthday à demain….a favorite from mademoiselle hardy.

YouTube Preview Image

wednesday happy to you m’loves.

  • Happy-Happy….all the days through for you.

    Cheers!…to wanting everything you have, and never wanting for what you need.

  • Happy birthday! May you have a lovely year.

  • a terrific birthday to you.!

  • Happy Bday Katie! XXOO, Steph.

  • WHAT? How did I not know this? Or did I and this very important day was hidden amongst the fog that inhabits my brain?

    Happy Birthday to you dearest and most lovely katie! Wishing you only the best of the best (but then again, this would be my daily wish for you!).

    Sending big birthday kisses and hugs and plates full of delicious fare your way!


  • It's Friday night, and I am blog hopping with my cats. & yet, this song makes me feel fancy. Love it.

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