tru blue baby i love…..

May 25, 2011


beloved boy

march 6 2000-may 24 2011

where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night.  i miss you like hell.  ~edna st. vincent millay

  • auntie char

    dearest one….I know the world is full of horrible tornadoes and flooding and wars…but my heart is full of sadness for your loss. He was noble and true with an elegant beauty that was unique.

    And now he is running & playing with Houston & Sawyer….Good night sweet Prince.

  • oh Katie…. my heart feels your ache. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • I am truly sorry! I know how difficult that is. Kisses to you. P.S. You are still stunningly beautiful with a tear stained face. 🙂 xo

  • Katie, grieving with you.

  • oh katie, I am so very sorry. Sending love to you. xoxo

  • Sweet Nothings

    oh Katie, I came here and started to cry. Poor baby. I hope your are doing ok. Big hugs and he is running around heaven with my Bubba

  • my heart breaks for you. his star is still shining brightly for the love you gave him.


  • poor you…so so so sorry for your sad. xoxo.

  • Katie I'm at my computer, of course, crying after reading your post. I never quite understood it until I had a dog of my own. My heart aches for you and I can't even imagine. What a beautiful tribute to what I am sure was a well loved dog. I hope he is in doggy heaven having a good time. Big Hug to an OC girl from a MB girl.

  • My dearest sweetest best friend, I love you. We were privileged to know and love t-man. Best.Dog.Ever.

  • Oh, my heart …right here… unfolds for you, laid out, flat.
    Come on over, and rest, while I wrap you in.

    This is where I have been before, on the floor, in surrender.

  • Katie,
    O now, I am sooo sad right now. I have tears in my eyes as I sit at my computer at RCSAV. I feel so sad for your loss, I know we share the love for the animals. I hope peace is your friend soon. Be well my friend. xo

    Chris Collett

  • Oh Katie I am so sorry 🙁 Sweet Truman, makes my heart so heavy. Jaida is so sad too. I hope you can find peace in knowing he lived a great, long life and was so loved by both of you. Hugs.

  • oh my dear katie. no words. i truly know how your heart is shattered and the abyss of a black hole within. yesterday, i thought of you so fiercely throughout the day, and now i know why. damn. why cannot they live forever?

  • so sorry katie…sending you well wishes and positivity.

  • Katie, my heart breaks for you. There's nothing harder than losing such a sweet loving best friend. Nothing. Their love changes you forever, in so many good ways. My prayers and thoughts are with you right now.

  • Big Tears. Please tell me what happened when you are up for it. I thought Miss Bear was gone the other night but she was in some kind of coma-like sleep. It will be So Hard. I am sad for you, so sad…

  • Ohhh Katie! I am so sorry!!! Sending you a big hug and the best cup of morning coffee in the world~ though I know it won't ease your pain, I am thinking of you.

    xo Mary Jo

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  • oh, my darling katie. oh, oh, oh. my heart aches for you. i am so sorry… these little people with fur, they crawl into our hearts and never.ever.ever.leave.

    sending you the MOST love and comfort possible.


  • My heart is broken for you & your husband over the loss of Truman. As a huge dog lover, I can imagine the empty loss, and how your soul just must ache?

    Just know I care. xx Deb

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