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summer lovin’

June 30, 2011

havin’ me a blast.

{so far}.

and the world will live as one…

June 29, 2011

i see london, i see france,

i see moonbeams disco dance.

some hear sea and waves.

but for me, my friends, the seashells, spin tales and sagas on par with atwood and irving.

on any day a magazine moose becomes my afternoon confident.

how is he the only one so far who understands?

we later go for a bike ride in the andes.

each morning my lushy, warm backyard awakens like a wave unfurls:

piece by piece its heartbeat rouses and grows stronger; the beast and i make our rounds to our pals, the flowers, bugs and trees, offering them coffee and croissants.

my tub, my fortress in the forest of fairies, conceals me from the dragons and ogres wanted me to drink the local witch’s kool-aid brew.

hidden and safe, i stop up leaks of doubt and floods of fear. my hoover dam is a conscience clear and an open heart.

beast by my side, petals lapping in rosy unison round the basin, candles flickering in time to the peaceful ballet of the nighttime nymphs who prepare the house for sleep.

fairy tales do come true.

my evening crew takes watch. keeping vigil over a bedtime that is all too often elusive and full of fret.

drowsy drunk on the night jasmine piping up through the bedroom window, my bumble bee brain begins to slow down.

i can hear the footsteps of mr. sandman. off to dreamland i go….let the true fantasies begin.

you may say i’m a dreamer….i hope someday you’ll join me.

carry on my wayward soldier

June 28, 2011

you ever just know you’re going to have one of those days?

those days where you just know you’re going to find yourself face down in the bottom of a bag of kettle corn, licking the last remnants of salt, sugar and the wounds of the day.

the kind of the day where all you want to do is put your flannel lanz nightgown back on, hide under your laura ashley sheets, watch ally mcbeal reruns until you too, along with portia, courtney and calista, develop an eating disorder; and then afterward, get all “ironic” and emo with old alanis c.d’s.

that kind of day?

tis the day i’m about to have. i can smell its prelude. but instead of black flying my chardonnay, i’m strapping on my boots, and facing this mutha head on. there will be no unisex bathroom in my future today.

tuesday happy m’loves.

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