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June 15, 2011

i have a commercial audition today. they’re calling for an upscale, asian professional girl.


well, i’m sure my competition {let’s not kid ourselves that’s what they are} will show up in smiles, skirts, kitten heels, hips matchstick slim; pretty and polite.

i could go my normal route: a witty {in my version}, freckle-faced, overly caffeinated, overly sweet, overly-hipped, half-jap. typically attired in jeans, a strappy sandal, stripey tank, and yummy, blankety sweater. more a fresh from the coast rather than straight from soho house.

but last week’s acting class emphasized playing the opposites. working your unexpected.

i’m thinking liu wen fierce. nothing is more diametric or not in the cards. 

if i choose this detour, i’d wear my girliest man-suit and stilts for heels.

my attitude: aloof.

arms: akimbo.

mouth: vapidly ajar.

deeply digging into my mako shark japanese ancestry i’ll tiger lily my competition out of said “disney hotel” spot.

yes. i said “disney”.

maybe a quick mulan run through before my drive up might be more advantageous.

crushed berry velvet works so well in southern california june.

especially sitting in 405 traffic

who am i kidding?

i’ll go into casting, like i typically do, a buffoonery of manners and a smothering of courtesy, wearing something utterly appropriate and identical to my fellow starlets.

asian cool, i don’t have….but this little fantasy you obliged me was fun.

wednesday happy m’loves.

  • Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Love your blog! Brilliant – good insight into the audition process – wow that is so tough! It's something I know nothing about but I feel I'm right there with you! let us know how it went- can't wait to hear

  • I'm not sure who YOU are talking about. The Katie I know could totally pull off the berry suit and a short crop in hand. I hear the words "don't make that face" and "now do it 800 more times" "now in reverse". You will kill it today. Just be your totally- enough- asian self and it will completely unique and special.

    Good luck!

  • you are way fiercer (is that a word?) than liu wen (in a good way). trust me 😉

  • I honestly think you could pull it off, but I like you so much better as you are. The 'other' and you know what I mean, is sadly a dime a dozen, but character and wabi-sabi can't be crafted and has to be real.


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