monday happy to you m’loves!

southern california had its first warm weekend in what felt like a decade.

the neighborhood bustled with the ringing bells of  beach cruisers, the clinking of margarita tumblers, impromptu front porch, procescco parties, and the ever present, smoky, sweet aroma of a bbq, permeating our open doors from friday afternoon to sunday night.

glory! glory! awww-chew!!

yes, despite all the warmth and splendor around me i was sidelined with my first major cold of the season.

out. man-down. this was a knockout. friday night i slept a total of 16 hours only to wake up saturday morning exhausted and feeling hungover.

hunkiest and i laid very low, had to cancel dates, stayed in, and rented fabulous movies.

we diary’d our weekend happy en photographie:


milkbraids for sick girls who hate washing their hair.

{and for flirting with hunky boys}

our back porch kept me busy and domestic.

i tended mr. basil and sassy lady rose,

and then attempted a taming of sally thyme and rosemary green.

all are welcome out back.

the toes got a fresh coat of pink.

we breakfasted on croissants and café au lait in honor of the french open.

for once, i saw the writing on the streets wall.

in hindsight despite the chills, headache, and runny nose……it was a perfect weekend.