joy is

July 7, 2011

a grilled cheese sandwich.

hide nap and seek.

finally scratching that itchy lust to wander.


YouTube Preview Image

this song over, and over, and over, and over again. and again.

dreamier live version with johnny depp here {oh! my! god!}

first bites.

laundry fresh.

dates with deliverance.

what’s making you happy m’loves?

  • *having an early work schedule due to training
    *dried cranberries in my salad
    *2 discs of The Wire in my mailbox
    *furry friends

  • So very well put Kate, all happy things hands-down. Right now for me…chocolate chip cookie dough that has a butt-load of walnuts and oats in it, and my pool for swimming laps after I shove the dough in my face and desperately trying to ward-off big butt syndrome.

    I'm loosing the battle too / :

    I LOVE your posts Xo

  • Love the legs sticking out of the grasses and the water angel. Also first time I've heard this song – never watched that movie but now I want to.
    Right now looking forward to seeing National Velvet tomorrow night in the Paramount in Oakland and a tuna steak our friends bought up from San Diego. And and sticking my face in the water tomorrow morning.

  • awesome post. lots of things make me happy. a nice blank sheet of paper with a fountain pen at-the-ready — that always makes my day (especially if i have something to say). seeing my kids in the middle of something adventurous with a look of pure delight and determination on their faces. a nice cup of coffee from Coffee Bean on sunday right before church.

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