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July 29, 2011

i have been in a constant state of giggles for the last 2 days. i had no idea how much conversation safe word would spark. along with the comments, friends and family have been, emailing, texting, calling, and face-booking with their ick words; so many of them which i say on a daily basis. it’s baffling what words drive y’all to drink.

here’s a partial list of some of them:



rally {as in to get up and go}

party {as a verb}



caramel {but only when pronounced “care-ah-mel”}

authentic {used as a describing someone}

pop-up store


mozzarella {but only when giada de laurentiis utters it; my friend this as ammunition to NOT learn how to cook}





panties {especially when said by a man}

enjoy {when food is served}








now these aren’t technically words, but there were big problems with the sayings: “it is what it is,” and: “bring it in for the real thing,” which apparently means “give me a hug”.

then there were the more bodily ick words:

phlegm, pus, mucous, secretions, john boehner, and of course: vagina.

on that note, weekend happy to you m’loves. wishing you an ick free 48 hours.

see you on the other side of sunday.

  • So sad I am late to this party! I have serious disdain for "pustule" and "macabre" and "whimsical." I think one of next week's blog posts should include words and phrases you DO like. 🙂 (That should be fodder for more great conversation!)

  • Happy weekend Katie! Mozarella the way GdL says it–ha! That always annoys me soooo much! So hilarious that someone thought to add that to the list!

    xo mjm

  • Very interesting to see what words bother people! Hope you have a great weekend, Katie!

  • have a fantastic weekend!!!

  • I also don't like "Regatta" well it is a pretty word, I just find it pretentious. It's a fucking boat race, why can't people just say boat race?

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