bellicose beguiles me

August 8, 2011

so here it is, after a hilarious and rife response to words that give us the ick, i give you:

~words that make me capsize with happy~

words when uttered or heard, wrap me ’round like a soft blanket of baby, mewing kittens.

like my earlier post, these words aren’t necessarily about what they denote or depict.

for instance, as delicious as the confection is,  fudge and brownie aren’t terribly ambrosial words.

and, as pretty as it looks in a bouquet, an aster, feels rather artless rolling off the tongue.

fortunately our language pot brims full and redolent.

for example, i’m not a giant fan of popcorn, but i’ll order it just for the opportunity to say it.

i’m not exactly sure what an apothecary is, but i love to work it into conversation:

“your honor, i believe the weapon was purchased at THE a-poth-e-ca-ree.

not certain we do it properly, but the beast and i prefer to frolic rather than promenade when out on our evening walks.

balls. love the word balls. always have, always will. a great replacement to my too oft’ used f-word.

and just like sneezing with your eyes open, it’s impossible to say fancy without smiling.

try it.

meadow, cotton, dulcet*, scamp, tomfoolery, noose, rabbit, bush, vestment, bandage, bongo, piglet, all words i wish i could bake a potpie {another favorite} out of and scarf down, no sharing.

and dap. dap is an all-timer for me. so cool. so classic. stand alone–no accessories needed; often the subject of scott schuman’s shutter.

so here’s your turn. tell me your favorite words….again, doesn’t matter what they connote or define. they just feel good to say.

and don’t you know how much i love hearing from you? maybe just tell me “hello”.

monday happy m’loves.

*love that mrs burns uses this too.

  • serendipitous, kumquat, lugubrious, marmalade… oh how I love words! and my son's favorite is tintinnabulation.

    I am looking forward to checking back here frequently for everyone's tongue smiles.

  • Corker is a real old-fashioned Kiwi word that my parents' friends say …and me and my sisters love it. Also bellicose because I read it and never know what it means but must use more. (I don't think I commented on the last post but I hate the word "panties" yuckkkk! Actually so did Monica on Friends, so I'm in good company)

  • atrocious, brouhaha

  • mine are much more simple; Gorgeous and treat!! and I use them often!


  • Supple, loquacious, gracious, indelible, lilac, kindred, starry, fete, hallowed. For a start, at least.

  • i've been using the word fruition a lot lately.

  • Ooh! What a fun post! My hubs and I like to play this game sometimes…. a few of my favorites: gumption, piccadilly, lackadaisical, lollygag, dollop, flourish and flotsam. (i do find, though, that I hardly ever actually USE these words. I'm going to have to start!)

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