scenes from a weekend

August 15, 2011

how do you do m’loves?

it was a weekend happy indeed. oh my goodness, i hope yours was too.

here’s a glimpse of how mine went down:

i added a new rung to my wrist affair.

saturday night i had the honor of attending my lovely friend, jill grogg’s, lululemon, ambassorship party. yoga, pilates, spin, boccaccini appetizers-you name it. the girl does it all! with incredible kindness, grace and beauty….it’s amazing we’re friends. in fact, i may have to drop her. there’s just too much wonder woman going on in that tall-drink-a-water for me. and she really is that nice. i’m hoping, behind closed doors, she’s a weirdo hoarder or wears the same socks for weeks…..but she always looks and smells fresh as april to me.


on sunday morning david hockney returned to southern california. palm trees in jewel-toned green against a sky of bahamian blue, hunkiest and i brunched outdoors to soak it all in.

tea for him, coffee for me, and omelets of asparagus, artichokes, mushrooms & gruyère {mmm hmmm}.

post brunch binge, we walked off our glut with some shopping at one of our favorite stores.

new shoes for katie and hunkiest bought a shirt which brings out the golden in his eyes.

i must say, out of all the sunsets, shorelines and mountaintops in the world, this view beats them all for me.

okay, enough about me. tell me about YOU! how was your weekend? don’t you KNOW how much i love hearing from you?

monday happy m’loves.

  • Sweet Nothings

    food would be the only way i'd do spin.

  • katie, i love the photos! you have such great talent. i miss your smile though… and your athletic inspiration. my weekend was lovely, lots of bicycling in the rain. now the sun is out, and i hear music from a festival somewhere… i must find it. sending hugs.

  • I had a sweet quiet weekend in a thunderstorm. These thunderstorms are really the only thing I missed about the East Coast when I was in So Cal. And my family, of course. I only wish I were back in LA so you and I could have a weekend brunch meeting.

  • gr8 wknd. Out with friends fri & sat nite. Church Sunday. Mom is here so, saw her Sat & Sun 😉 got alot of work done. spent time with the ah-maz-in beau. so lovely. Love your blogs sister !! 😉
    happy Monday.

  • Recovering from my Bahamian holiday. Not sure I would have come back, if not for my daughter. May have to move there 🙂

  • sounds like a wonderful weekend. and my stomach grumbled when I read about that omelet! my weekend was pretty fab, too. I was playing single mommy as my hubs was away on a golf trip, and so I got to hog all the kisses, cuddles and hugs from my little ones.

  • well…mine kicked off to a great start from about 3-6 on Friday night, but the non-stop flow of vino till 11pm plus a pair of 4′ wedges left me with a massive headache and throbbing foot Saturday, so i missed the UH-Mazing spin sesh. Please forgive me! I was on the couch ALL DAY like a bum…then had to rally for an engagement party Sat night. Sunday I watched the little ones in the nursery at RH and went to Laguna concerts in the park, VERY interesting crowd! Ha

  • You weekend sounds just about perfect and of course your favorite view makes sense! I spent a city weekend, cleaning my new place–soooo glamorous. But it's nice to be back. Hope to see you soon!
    xo Mary Jo

  • love these pics – how did P like F. Island? had a great weekend at the beach (spf under umbrella) with cousins. xx

  • Hi Katie,

    I love your bracelet. This weekend I saw The Help, and it was wonderful! It doesn't hold a candle to the book, but how could it?!

    I also volunteered at the cat shelter, which us usually the highlight of my week. There's something about fuzzy animals that humans just can't compete with.

    Sunday was all about "getting stuff done". Well, that, and a Boy Meets World marathon!


  • Your the sweetest! Made my night having you there!!!

    After I subbed at the nox and broke the stereo- eek!! we rode our beach cruisers to Charlie Palmer and had me some Vino Fresco and fries, ugh! Delish!!!


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