weekend happy

August 12, 2011

this weekend i’m making an effort to change where and how i look at my world. i will try to un-fix my stubborn lenses so that i don’t miss out on all the beauty to be had, even when just walking to the mailbox. i tend to cartwheel and spark over the shiny and grand, rather than the dim and wee. i have a feeling there are micro moments of lovely passing by, right under my nose, capable of inducing the deepest of belly laughs, the widest of smiles and the kind of tears which reaffirm my capacity to love fierce and unyielding. there’s a magical dance party of experience and emotion going on, and i am outside, circling the block in my car.

this weekend i’m going to shimmy.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

  • Love the squishy face one, that's how I feel this morning after too many glasses of champers on the beach. i think you always shine what ever the place, have a fab weekend!

  • I love when you leave me with enough inspiration to get all the way to Monday.

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