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weekend happy

September 30, 2011

the tank is empty. not even a solar power cell can spur these sad legs and heavy heart.

i’m always resistant to post the non-shiny, less glossy, tumble in my twirl, nut in the cupcake musings.

but life is hard. life is untidy.

no one is exempt.

and one thing i know for sure, as bad a day as i may have or bloodshot my eyes may be from crying, someone somewhere else is crying much harder and for much worse reasons; sometimes they’re right next door.

this weekend WILL be a happy one!

i have my classes of sass {thank you mrs burns and michelle} and inspiration that i still can’t believe i have the privilege to teach. i am restored with each hour i’m with my students.

yoga teacher training continues. the days are loooooooooooooong, but the work is interesting. it makes for my homecoming extra meaningful.

i truly am the luckiest girl alive.

how goes your weekend plans m’loves?

see you on the other side of sunday.


September 29, 2011





Untitled from katie osumi on Vimeo.


praise heaven and all its cupcakes! hh is coming home today because i’m not certainly NOT cleaning up the second “mess” these nuts will be rendering. happy kaopectate priscilla!



September 28, 2011

annica: a buddhist term, meaning change is inevitable, continuous, and unavoidable.

now, i’m no buddhist {although i’m known to work a buddha belly like nobody’s business come easter sunday brunch} but i do love this maxim.

with that said:

welcome to my new digs!

goodnite irene needed a little a “resurfacing” in my opinion. this was something i’d been hemming and hawing over for a long time.

the brilliant brandi, from not your average ordinary, designed, implemented, conjured, parboiled and sewed my pretty new site together.

she also held my hand as i navigated through this wonky website process, and held her tongue every time i’d ask another maddening, answer right there before my eyes, question.

brandi, you are a patient princess, and i adore you. thank you so much for your help.

i’m still learning the nooks and crannies of my new site, but i’m twirling silly over the new comment section. it will allow me to chat back and forth with you; so comment away. you know i love to hear from you.

another change, going dog-down tonight, is the beginning of a 200 hour yoga teacher training. it’s been close to a decade since i’ve done this. so much is different in the yoga world, in my world, and in fitness; it is time for me to re-educate and get informed on what’s being taught today.

no matter how many hours on the mat i’ve racked up, or how many years behind the mic i’ve taught, i always have buckets to learn.

everyday i learn something new; mostly about myself. lately, i’m learning how much my body, my mind, and my soul craves change. not the violent, jolting, pack your bags and move across country kind of change, although if need be i’m your girl, but the slightly uncomfortable challenges and hurts in life, which strengthen my lungs and grow my heart, which give me the strongest of trunks from where i can let my branches run wild and free. these little nicks and bruises scab over, heal beautifully and allow me to love harder and live a prettier life.

game on.

wednesday happy to you m’loves.

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