top of the morning monday to you m’loves.

how did miss weekend treat your tender hearts?

i popped back and forth across the emotional ping-pong table of my precious aunt’s latest hospital stay.

we yo-yo’ed between tears of hysterics, like on friday when we listened for hours to patient, in bed #4, hold the nurses hostage with her “diaper” in exchange for more oxycontin; to sunday where tears of frustration poured over her white blood cell count.

i pity the yoga mat, spin bike, and in this weekend’s case, the water rower, who bared the brunt of my unleashed sadness.

led by master trainers, jay blahnik and josh crosby, yesterday i took the fantastic teacher training for indo-row, a crazy-fun, group fitness class that gives you a killer cardio workout AND strength and flexibility training. you can’t say the same for spinning, treadmill classes, etc.

it’s a team spirit atmosphere, building community and camaraderie; which i think we can all use in these divisive times, no?

it was definitely a new fitness experience for me and challenged me to the point where i hadn’t gone to in a long, long time. i had scary flashes back to running “the apple” in junior high, coming in last, looking silly, etc. indo-row is NOT like that, yet it does inspire a youthful, competitive spirit. that post race feeling with my team felt exhilarating, and the longest stretches of hard work never lasted more than 90 seconds…..if that. you can bet each paddle, each stroke was for my aunt charla.

i’m so excited indo-row is coming to my club.

tell me, m’loves, what gave you goosebumps this weekend?