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September 2, 2011

farewell my endless, carefree as a whisper, summer. i will miss you much.

i will miss the smell of your backyard barbecue. the silent, but potent neighborhood bell which beckoned the sunburnt, beach-cruiser riding puppies home each day from the sand.

how sad i’ll be to bid adieu to my summer scents. one for day, a breezy, light, swing in a seaside hammock kind of fragrance; sweet and soft, not too strong, yuzu mixed with the pacific ocean. the other for night, a strong, night-blooming jasmine blended with a stronger honeysuckle, make this a true  southern california scent; melissa flagg’s oils conjure memories of late night, top-down drives, through the hot santa ana’s…. trisha yearwood on the radio, young boys on the brain.

goodbye mr. panama hat. it’s back to wooly bowler standby’s for fall.

come tuesday that orange blossom love which has floated throughout the house for the last 3 months will morph into a spicier, less petal-like waft. i know i’ll long for my dark, warm mornings where the gentle aroma of white flowers waltzing against a cobalt, blue sea guide me into my day.

so long to summer’s fresh, off the vine tomatoes and california avocados. i’m wet duck lucky to have such delicious local candy at my fingertips.

an afternoon nap, just my beast and i, under the serenading whirl of ceiling fan. we keep cool, talk girl, and steal away from the silly outside summer antics. this ritual i may have to keep year-long.

so m’loves, did you have a nice summer too? what will you miss?

a weekend happy to you.

see you on the other side of sunday!

  • you are so silly…summer is just getting started. september is the hottest month. there is no need to submit to the antiquated aesthetic confines of Labor Day. there is still a month of daisy dukes with bikinis on top, popsicles and burrata with fabulous tomatos (thanks to Whole Foods). Enjoy the sun and sand!!

  • auntie char

    Gotta agree with Linda……sorry to shock you dearest Kate….summer has barely begun!! I wouldn't exactly pull out the woolies & wellington boots just yet.

    Me thinks this girl needs a dose of east coast summer session has left the building and fall is in the air. Not in So Cal. But I promise if all of us crank the air conditioning down to freezing and position the garden hose to "rain" on your windows….we will admire your turtlenecks & shawls and marval at the lovely coolness in the air. At least until our electric bill arrives!

    Hee Hee…….Charla

  • I want your summer!

  • Haha, I am reading the comments above and laughing, this truly is the heavenly time, starting right now–the paradise without tourists, but I know what you mean–the rest of the world has turned to fall and the need to snap into gear with a vengeance has overtaken me…I am around now, hope we can meet up for coffee again one day soon — happy to come your way. Have a lovely weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

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