the tank is empty. not even a solar power cell can spur these sad legs and heavy heart.

i’m always resistant to post the non-shiny, less glossy, tumble in my twirl, nut in the cupcake musings.

but life is hard. life is untidy.

no one is exempt.

and one thing i know for sure, as bad a day as i may have or bloodshot my eyes may be from crying, someone somewhere else is crying much harder and for much worse reasons; sometimes they’re right next door.

this weekend WILL be a happy one!

i have my classes of sass {thank you mrs burns and michelle} and inspiration that i still can’t believe i have the privilege to teach. i am restored with each hour i’m with my students.

yoga teacher training continues. the days are loooooooooooooong, but the work is interesting. it makes for my homecoming extra meaningful.

i truly am the luckiest girl alive.

how goes your weekend plans m’loves?

see you on the other side of sunday.