October 31, 2011

or rather, “moo” ?

either way, “happy halloween” m’loves.


  • Too adorable~wishing you a very happy halloween katie! Hope to see you over in your hood this week!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Too funny!…
    Yesterday, the neighbors dressed their bulldog in his pumpkin costume.
    Cheers! -Teri

  • Happy Halloween my dear!

  • Oh….Priscilla….you are the CUTEST cow I have ever seen! You make me want to go vegan! My little Scout was a gray squirrel, with a big bushy tail for the club house Halloween party yesterday. Alas, she lost in the "Best Dog Costume" to 3 Yorkies dressed as Dorothy, the Lion & the Tin Man. She took her loss gracefully, in true gray squirrel fashion.
    Today, to help pass out candy, we switched to her adorable Halloween pajamas given to her by her favorite Auntie Jane. LOTS of trick or treaters this year. And Scout managed to give everyone a cheerful bark and a tail wag. Very, very exciting evening!!
    The 2 old men, Andrew & Teddy wisely chose to forego all activities & camped out under the relative safety of the guest room bed.
    Andrew has been carry around the squirrel head from Scout's costume as his own chew toy.

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