duck lucky

October 20, 2011

even on my ugliest of days, i’ve always considered myself a girl with a bucket full of luck.

right now i have an armful of bracelets i tote round my wrist which i believe are my extra arms, eyes and ears of safety from angels, saints, buddhas and pets passed. even if not on my person, i keep these tokens close by: in my car, in my bag, packed in my suitcase-a reminder i am never alone.

how about you? do you believe in such things? do you have any lucky charms?

  • Love your arm full of luck! I am crazy superstitious and tend to keep my lucky charms piled up in little dishes everywhere where I can look at them, always afraid of losing them! But back in NYC I had this great Patricial Fields hat that I pinned all my lucky charms too…only wish I knew where it went!

    xo Mary Jo

  • I believe in luck, but I've never really had any charms. I sometimes wish I did have something to wear to remind me to keep wishing.

  • Beautiful – I like the little angel wings!

  • I have tattoos in memory of love ones lost. They are my lucky charms!

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