happy weekend

December 9, 2011

my recipe for a weekend happy:

one part sweat.

two parts soak.

 four parts sweet.

double what it calls for of dream.

and, of course, rainbow sprinkles wherever i can toss them in.

what makes for your perfect dish of a weekend?

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

  • Love all of these {of course seriously lacking in the sweat department and planning to fix that soon…I know, I always say that but mean it this time!} I'll be painting my closet–{glamorous!} and trying to move furniture from the diy graveyard of my garage into my home…

    Thank you for all of your sweet comments Katie, so glad to know you! p.s. I wanted to email you about getting my polish into your cute pilates place but it sold out so fast…hopefully next time?

    xo Mary Jo

    • you cannot already be sold out!!!
      NO!! i can't keep thieving your look with this cheapy-chemically OPI crap….
      please tell me there's at least one bottle or two left to buy????

  • A great weekend recipe and I intend to follow your lead…. Well i have with the four parts sweet already… Happy Sunday…xv

  • four parts sweet!! that's the BEST kind of weekend…..you must share with us..

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