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lusting wander…

January 31, 2012


if you could go away for a month, all expenses paid, where would i get my postcard from?

would it be somewhere hidden deep, in a thick, lush jungle ?

perhaps a stay in a deluxe and glorious chateau castlewithin the heart of french wine country?

or maybe a beach, where the only link to the outside world is a rowboat?

how about a cozy cabin for two in the middle of nowhere, with only a vista of green and sky of azure to keep you company?

i definitely have wanderlust on the brain.

do any of these strike your matchbook of fancy?

i think i’m leaning toward option number four…… but i could go for any of the above.

where are you currently trending for escape?

valentine’s day love

January 30, 2012

monday happy to you m’loves.

normally i’m not one to guzzle down the valentine bubbly, but the online demon in me is stirring.

i share with you a list of valentine honey, some already tried, tested and hallowed.

this bag is rather fabulous, no? and lilac is secretly {shh, between you and me} one of my favorite colors.

while these socks don’t overtly scream day of love, they are fun, and could be gifted to someone you adore. or just a nice gift to yourself {mine should be arriving in 5-7 days….told you, online shopping demon}.

i can’t think of a better way to fall asleep than with the sweet message of these cases of pillow from mel’s shop supporting mine and my beloved’s head.

i’ve had my energy muse love bracelet for 7 years. i give it credit for bringing hunkiest into my life. i sport two other of these wrist lovelies.

nail polish a’ pretty. you’ve heard me rave over mary jo matsumoto’s clothes, bags, & polishes. well for good reason, all her products are impeccable.

happy shopping m’loves.

total recall

January 27, 2012

20/20 vision, yet sometimes it feels as if i spent my day in a blindfold.

as i fall asleep and recount the past ups and downs {mostly ups}, i can only vaguely recollect various moments, it’s a skim and scan at best.

a veil of vaseline, smudges over details, conversations, occasions of grandeur, and bits of wild.

this makes me sad.

i want sparkling, clear, crystal memories; an evian water retrospection of my day.

breathing full life into my present moments, i’m terrific in the now and here, but forgetaboutit at the closing bell….

i was chatting with a sage friend about my predicament, hoping for a tonic of wisdom to imbibe, and flood my cells with intuition and sense……instead she said i was just getting old.

so tell me m’loves….is this happening to you too. are your memories razor-sharp or are they more monet, impressionistic like: pretty, blurry, nice to recall, but don’t put you on the witness stand…..

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