battle of the half-wit….

January 26, 2012

yesterday i spent a solid, sixty, mind-bending, thumb-spraining seconds attempting to open my garage door with my ipod.

i could feel my smug prius, in all her wannabe eco-friendliness, snigger at me as we silently rolled into the dark garage; me having finally deciphered the difference between a sleek, 1/8th of an inch, 40,0000 song capacity, portable, apple media player, and a clunky, dinosaur age, pep boys’ finest, garage door opener currently held together with two rubber bands, scotch tape and prayer.

somebody needs a nap.

my weeks are ramping up with new classes and clients. i’m grateful to be working so much. each day, each hour brings a laugh, a shimmy of the hips, and sometimes even tears of such thankfulness, wild horses couldn’t hold them in; my apologies to monday’s yoga crew, that savasana speech sometimes just brings out the sally field in me.

but with all the go, giddy up and impromptu dance parties comes a mess of frazzled, hot katie……cut to scene of me screaming obscenities at my garage door, neighbors calling the police.

i must find more down time.

unplugged. detached. unthinking.

tell me m’loves, what are your favorite ways to unwind?

  • unconsciousness. reading, hiking, leisurely bathing do not compare to being dead to the world in my sheets.

  • Hot cup of tea and a good book in bed. THat's my fave. It's hard to unplug for awhile but it feels so good to do so!

  • Hiking. Without cameras or cell phones or watches. Just me and a notebook, or a good friend. I need a trip like that very soon. Even though I wouldn't mind an impromptu dance party with it.

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