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January 18, 2012

wednesday morning kisses to you m’loves.

ironic i’m sharing my latest health tip whilst in the trenches of a {should be} bedridden cold/flu; my body waxes and wanes ‘tween the chills of a flu, and the fuzziness of a head cold.

thank you all for your well wishes and various remedies; i especially love miss teri’s wellness shot {delicious}.

and while on the subject of delicious, let me tell you about my new obsession: cinnamon.

study after study shows this sweet, pleasing, piquant spice to be an arbiter of innumerable health benefits.

a great boon to our metabolisms, cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar. this is important for diabetics, hypoglycemics, and anyone else who is looking to stabilize their moods {drama queens}.

cinnamon also helps to lower LDL cholesterol levels {the rotten kind}, reduce arthritis pain, and this powerhouse spice is also effective in staving off ulcers.

 researchers in alzheimer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors and meningitis are using cinnamon in their hunts for treatments, cures & prevention because of its effective ability to reduce inflammation.

done, and DONE!

every morning, before i pour my coffee, i first sprinkle my cup with a smattering of cinnamon. it makes for a simple, homemade, gourmet-tasting mug of yum. now, when bopping into my local, coffee shop for a latté; instead of lamenting the days of yore when i {ignorantly} sweetened with splenda, i gladly grab that cinnamon shaker {they’re always there with the cream & sugar} and shake away.

easy to do with fantastic benefits…..

have a healthy wednesday m’loves.

  • I love cinnamon too, of course mine of late have more of the sticky bun kind, but that's another story. Do you have the sikhs Yogi tea recipe? I'll send it to you if not, it's delish and you just make up a big pot and put in the refrig, then laddle out some, warm it up with a bit of honey and milk and it even rivals coffee–I swear!

    Hope you are over the wicked flu asap!
    xo Mary Jo

  • It's also good for metabolic issues and fat-ness, not that you need to worry about that! And congrats on the new baby. LOVE!!!!

  • Auntie Char

    Now dearest One…..although I am always concerned with each sniffle you sniff, find your health ideas on cinnamon enlightning & informative….enjoy sharing Valentino's new haute couture….I really only want to hear (and see) pictures of Jones & Miss Priscilla! Perhaps you might sprinkle cinnamon on the both of them & swath them in some Versace. We have been patient, we have been polite…but we need to meet the new guy! Most importantly….how did the "Miss" react to her new brother?

    Also, please share that tea recipe from the Sikh Yogi from Mary Jo. Thanks to both of you in advance.

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